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Webinar: How to improve adherence to lifelong treatment of the derm patient

Content: Communication skills are considered to be among the «core clinical skills», with crucial impact on the medical outcome. To be able to treat our dermatology patient successfully, a dedicated owner is necessary, and we need to establish common ground. In this webinar, we will discuss how exactly we can establish the trust needed for […]

Allergy and Immunotherapy for nurses – Free webinar

At Artuvet we know the important role that Vet Nurses have in the wellbeing of allergic patients. From keeping close contact with patients, educating pet owners, increasing treatment compliance, supporting Veterinary Surgeons and much more. Vet Nurses can make the difference in allergy! Therefore, we have developed the Vet Nurse Program, a special educational program […]

Topikal terapi och mikrobiom – gratis webinar 

Plats Online Pris Gratis Sista anmälningsdatum 2 december 2020. KURSBESKRIVNING Föreläsning 1: Vad är nytt inom dermatologisk topikal terapi? Topikal terapi är en mycket viktig del av behandlingen vid många dermatolgiska problem: hudvecksdermatit, pyodermi, öroninflammation, mjällighet och klåda. Rätt produkt kan avhjälpa problemet, minska användningen av antibiotika och motverka återfall. Nya studier om antimikrobiell aktivitet hos […]

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