Dr. Baddakys dermatolog Babette Taugbøl holder ofte kurser enten alene eller sammen med andre aktører. Der tages aktuelle temaer op indenfor dermatologi eller vi skræddersyr kurset efter behov.

Allergic diseases in horses

Allergic diseases in horses – Culicoides hypersensitivity and much more We invite you to join us for two days of lectures and discussion on Allergic diseases in horses. We are proud to present to you some of the best researchers and veterinarians in this field: Vince Gerber, Kerstin Bergvall, Antonia Fettelschoss-Gabriel, Katharina Birkmann and Eliane […]

Dermatology inside and out – latest news

We would like to invite you to an afternoon about some of the latest and hottest topics in veterinary dermatology. The course is free, but you have to register! Date: Thursday 27th Place: Scandic Glostrup, Roskildevej 550, 2605 Brøndbyvester Lecture 1: What’s new in dermatological topical therapy? Topical therapy is utterly important in the treatment […]

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