Allergy and Immunotherapy for nurses – Free webinar

At Artuvet we know the important role that Vet Nurses have in the wellbeing of allergic patients. From keeping close contact with patients, educating pet owners, increasing treatment compliance, supporting Veterinary Surgeons and much more. Vet Nurses can make the difference in allergy! Therefore, we have developed the Vet Nurse Program, a special educational program for nurses covering all aspects of allergy in pets. After attending the webinars, seminars and practical courses of this program, nurses can:

• gain insights into skin work-up
• discuss the allergy workflow with pet owners
• know how to get the most out of the clinical history
• report results to the Veterinary Surgeon
• discuss diagnosis and allergy treatment options with Veterinary Surgeons and/or pet owners
• use guidelines for communication and owner engagement
• keep compliance/follow-up records
• use helpful tools and materials for allergy management
• and much more