Appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs in canine pyoderma

Gratis webinar om hensigtsmæssig brug af antimikrobiel terapi ved pyodermi hos hund!

Vær med når anerkendte dermatolog Sue Paterson gennemgår den pyodermiramte hund – 
helt fra hvordan du finder rette diagnose til valget af den rette terapi samt den korrekte opfølgning.
Særdeles praktisk og dybt relevant.

Torsdag d. 31.10.19 kl. 21 (dansk tid).

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The term ’antimicrobial stewardship’ is defined as ’an organisational or healthcare
system wide approach to promoting and monitoring judicious use of antimicrobials to preserve their future
effectiveness’. (NICE guidelines 2015). In order to practice
antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary dermatology it is important to be able to diagnose the presence of
infection accurately so that antimicrobial therapy is only prescribed where it is needed. Furthermore, with the
careful selection of antimicrobials, ensuring the correct drugs are used in the correct way, for an appropriate length of time until the infection has completely resolved we can ensure that antimicrobials remain an effective therapy for infection in the future.

Learning objectives

1) Appreciate the clinical signs that are associated with canine bacterial skin infection

2) Know how to take basic skin samples to assess for the presence of infection

3) Appreciate which forms of antimicrobial therapy are most appropriate for different types of infection

4) Understand which topical drugs can be used to treat bacterial infection

5) Know how to assess the end point of treatment so that therapy can be discontinued or cut to maintenance levels


Sue Paterson M.A. Vet.M.B. D.V.D. Dip.E.C.V.D. FRCVS

(Veterinary Director Virtual Vet Derms Telemedicine
Company) Sue Paterson is an RCVS and European
Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology. She has been elected as a Fellow of the RCVS for contributions to clinical
practice in the field of Veterinary Dermatology.
Sue has written 7 text books, numerous book chapters
and has more than 80 refereed dermatology publications.
She has lectured at international meetings in more than 30 countries. She is a member of RCVS Council, and SVP of ESVD. She is currently President of BSAVA. In her spare time, she and her husband Richard (and her two Labradors Thornton and Saffron) are keen walkers.