Dermatology inside and out – latest news

KURSET ER FULDT BOOKET. Du kan kontakte Maria på for at komme på venteliste.

We would like to invite you to an afternoon about some of the latest and hottest topics in veterinary dermatology.
The course is free, but you have to register!

Date: Thursday 27th
Place: Scandic Glostrup, Roskildevej 550, 2605 Brøndbyvester

Lecture 1: What’s new in dermatological topical therapy?

Topical therapy is utterly important in the treatment of many dermatological conditions, such as pyoderma, fold dermatitis, ear disease, crusting and scaling, but also pruritus due to parasites or allergies. Choice of the right products will help speeding up resolution, reduce the need for antibiotics and prevent relapses. New studies on antimicrobial action of antimicrobial peptides, biofilm disrupting agents, normalisers of dysbiosis and antipruritic agents will be presented in this lecture.

Lecture 2: Why is everyone talking about the microbiome?

What actually happens on the skin when a pyoderma develops?  Why do scientists think that the skin microbiome is important for patients with atopic dermatitis? How can gut bacteria affect the skin? In this lecture we will try to answer some of these questions and give advice on how to correct dysbiosis and restore a healthy microbioma.

The lecturer: we are proud that Chiara Noli has once again agreed to lecture for us. She is very inspiring, easy to understand and always up to date.

Dr. Chiara Noli, DVM, Dip ECVD
Dr. Chiara Noli graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Milan, Italy, in 1990. After a residency at the University of Utrecht, Holland, she obtained the European Diploma in Veterinary Dermatology in 1996. Since then she works as referral dermatologist and dermatopathologist in Northern Italy. Dr. Noli was President and Founder Member of the Italian Society of Veterinary Dermatology, President of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology and Board Member of the International Society of Veterinary Dermatopathology and of the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology; she is currently Vice President of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology and member of the Global Veterinary Dermatology Education Group. Dr. Noli is author of more than 100 articles in Italian and international journals, of nine book chapters and three veterinary dermatology textbooks, and co-editor of the book “Veterinary Allergy” published by Wiley (2014). She has given several hundred lectures in Italy and in other countries of four continents. Her main interests are feline allergy, food hypersensitivity and quality of life assessment in veterinary dermatology.