Webinar – Multiresistant bacteria – Dr. Monika Linek

Veterinarian’s climate crisis: multiresistant bacteria

The threat of the 21st century : infections with multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria.
Are multidrug resistant skin infections relevant to me in general practise?
Most people think that this problem only exisits in very specialised clinics.
Many veterinarians have heard about surgery wound infections and ear problems
with multidrug resistant bacteria.

Why care?

Did you know that 25 000 people die each year due to infections with resistant bacteria? Infections that were easily controlled some years ago. Wouldn´t we be much more scared  to get onto a plane if 1,7 airplane crashes per week occured ? The equivalent to the number of deaths from resistant bacteria!

In my lecture I will show  data from human medicine and veterinary medicine about the development and spread of MDR infections.
Why were nordic countries in general able to lower the risk compared to other European countries?
What can we all do to establish a „one health“ thinking for ourselves, in our co-workers and pet owners?
What does antibiotic use in the 21st century mean
Finally, I will give you some ideas of how to establish good hygiene management.

Curriculum vitae:

Monika Linek
Dr. med. vet.; Dipl. ECVD
After running a small animal clinic in Hamburg I specialised in Dermatology first by attending the ESAVS courses “Dermatology I-III” followed by an externship  at the  Animal Dermatology Clinic, Dr. Craig Griffin, San Diego, USA. I took my part one of the ECVD diploma in 1999 and decided to follow the alternative route of residency until 2004 at the Dermatology department of the Vetsuisse University of  Zürich with Dr Claude Favrot, as my mentor.  In 2005 I passed the ECVD diploma and became a diplomate of ECVD.  In  2001 my husband and me founded Tieraerztliche Spezialisten in Hamburg. From 2006 to 2012 I have been lecturer for Dermatology at the Veterinary University of Giessen, Germany. I am author of the chapter on dermatology in “Praktikum der  Hundeklinik “ Editor: P.F. Suter, B.Kohn and  co-editor and co-author with L.Mecklenburg and D. Tobin of “Hair Loss Disorders in  Domestic Animals” published in 2011.

I am on the board of ECVD since 2007 and actual president.  I train residents in my practice, perform clinical research projects and lecture at national and international congresses. My special interests are educational studies of owners of dogs with canine atopic dermatitis and therapy and prophylactic measurements in MRSP infections.